Our Product Lines:

Woven Paint Applicator Fabric

Our high-quality woven product line is a paint applicator fabric made from Acrylic and Modacrylic fibers. Our fabrics are produced for Thermo-fusion or epoxy winding systems. These products are sold Full Width or slit from 1 1/8” to 2 7/8” wide.

P&A also offers woven fabrics cosntructed with Nylon and Polyester yarns.

1/4″ Naps Sizes (Smooth Surfaces)
Used for smooth plaster, sheet rock, smooth wood, Celotex, etc.

3/8″ Naps Sizes (Semi Smooth Surfaces)
Used for most interior wall surfaces. This product is by far the largest selling item produced by P&A

1/2″ Naps Sizes (Semi Rough Surfaces)
Used for textured plaster, acoustical tile, poured concrete, rough wood, etc.

3/4″ Nap Sizes (Rough Surfaces)
Used for concrete block, stucco, brick, cinder block, corrugated metal and asphalt or wood shingles, etc.